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We recognize that we can be much more effective if we share our experiences with other BMDMI teams.   The purpose of this site is to provide a forum to share information.

As you look at the pictures from Figures 1 - 6 you can see how we progressed from random selection of glasses to a point were everybody gets an eye test and glasses are dispensed based upon how well they match their prescription.  All glasses are cleaned, numbered, bagged and measured before shipment to the field.

The following link is a link to another web site where I describe a computer program which I developed to assist in the rapid and accurate selection of eyeglasses.
Key to an effective eyeglass ministry is measured eyeglasses.  Random selection of glasses for people (see Figures 1 and 2) simply does not work well at all.  Contrast this to Figures 5 and 6.   This little girl saw so poorly that her mother was considering taking her out of school because of how much the other children were teasing her.  When she left our clinic, she had 20/20 vision in both eyes and her life was changed.

A computer running the program is very helpful but measured eyeglasses are even more important.   In my February and August 2001 trips (Figures 3 and 4),  I had all measured eyeglasses and I kept my inventory on a printed list which was sorted in several different ways.  This was a significant improvement and was very helpful.  If you can take a laptop; however, it will be even more helpful.

Figure 7 shows the Reichert LensChek which we use to measure all our eyeglasses.

If any BMDMI team would like assistance in measuring their glasses, please send an E-Mail to
We will try to work it out where you can provide my team glasses we can measure and that can be used by your team.

Also, I want to recommend that you consider the documents which are mentioned on my web site and are included on the CD should you decide to order the program.
Note that an exhaustive instruction manual which I used on my last trip is also included in this collection.

God bless you and your team in your efforts to help the Honduran and Nicaragan people.

Holland Kendall   6/3/2002